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Crowdhr handles many of the business processes for you, allowing you to make more placement fees by simply recruiting top talent--even if your candidates don’t get hired! When a hire is made, all the recruiters who have submitted great candidates divide a portion of the placement fee.


Getting new clients in this market can be tough. Crowdhr delivers new clients, more placements, and more fees. Work on job requisitions from fast-growing, well-funded startups to Fortune 50 employers on one easy-to-use platform.


You know great candidates, but you don’t always have the right job at the right time. Top candidates move on quickly, and a lost candidate is lost money. Crowdhr introduces you a higher volume of requisitions, enabling you to place more of your candidates with less work.


Tracking candidates progress in the hiring process can be a real hassle. Crowdhr provides transparency for all parties, eliminating the dreaded resume “Black Hole.” You receive real-time feedback on your candidate as they are reviewed and moved through the hiring process.


“ As a recruiter of the "best and the brightest," I'm very careful about who I work with in this industry, and I'm happy to say Crowdhr satisfies all my criteria for being and intelligent, well thought out site staffed by intelligent people. They're a pleasure to work with. ”

“After months of trying to fill positions, we hired quality candidates that Crowdhr delivered us in a matter of days. It's like having a staff of recruiters that can be dialed up with a click of a button.”

Pallavi BahukhandiCEO, MYHRS