1. Create an account and examine the list of all open jobs.

  2. Start submitting upto 4 candidates, for each open position from your internal candidate database.

  3. We showcase your candidates to the employers, sorted by a score, which is calculated based on the performance of the previous candidates submitted by you. (Hired = 20, Shortlisted = 5, Interested = 3, Rejected = -1).

  4. Once the candidate joins, is on boarded and completes 60days since joining, we pay you 5% of the CTC (inclusive of all taxes and TDS deductions), we are only able to pay you once we receive the payment from the employer. In case of disputes, delays in payment by the employer, we will try on a best effort basis to get the payment, but we will not be able to pay, if we do not get a payment from the recruiter.

  5. All of the above happens at the click of a button and our friendly support team is always there to help if you have any questions.