• 1. What is a JobPost?

    A Job post allows employers to confidentially advertise job openings in a targeted manner to groups of expert recruiters. Job posts enable employers to quickly and affordably find, screen and hire high quality, interested candidates, who have been recently vetted by expert recruiters for similar positions. All users of a Job post agree to a standard set of terms so there are no vendor negotiations. The elegant and efficient workflow keeps everyone on the task of filling your open position.
  • 2. Why should we choose CrowdHR over the job boards?

    Most job boards publicly advertise open positions, meaning there's no way to control the quantity or quality of submissions. Your company is destined to be flooded with unqualified résumés—something that no busy hiring manager has time for. At CrowdHR, we're bringing the human element back into talent sourcing. All of our candidates are pre-screened, vetted, and vouched for by select pool of expert recruiters in their respective fields, meaning you get a manageable number of quality submissions.
  • 3. We have an internal recruiting team and have reduced our usage of outside recruiters. Why would we want to use recruiters now through CrowdHR?

    In recent years many employers have grown their internal recruiting teams and used LinkedIn and other resources to find and hire candidates. However, candidates are often unresponsive and recruiting remains a challenging, expensive and time consuming endeavor. Third party recruiters are experts at what they do and they are highly motivated. With CrowdHR you are “renting” additional expert recruiting capacity. Now you can enjoy the benefits of utilizing an outside recruiter at less half the cost and twice the speed, without the hassle of negotiating contracts and fees. Also, through CrowdHR you can effortlessly reach out to a much broader pool of recruiters than you could ever possibly retain.
  • 4. How does an employer select recruiters?

    Employers can search our database of over 20,000 specialized recruiters from around the world, or upload their own lists of preferred recruiters. For each JobPost, an employer can select up to 250 recruiters, based on location and specific expertise. We also allow users to rate recruiters, which helps employers with their selection process. Customized recruiter lists can be saved and used in the future for similar searches.
  • 5. Can we add our own recruiters?

    Yes. That is encouraged as they know you and your firm. You can add an unlimited number of trusted recruiters that you already work with to your CrowdHR profile. Once uploaded, it is easy to send the recruiter a JobPost.
  • 6. Why would a recruiter we already have a relationship want to now work through CrowdHR?

    If you want the full services of a retained search, then contract with your recruiter of choice directly. CrowdHR is not replacing traditional search, rather it is a supplemental channel. CrowdHR enables quick and easy matching between your job search and a recruiter’s set of recently vetted, high quality and available candidates. For employers, it is a rapid and efficient way to find and hire great candidates. For recruiters, it is a much quicker and easier way to place great candidates that are seeking new employment. And while recruiters earn less than a traditional fee, each new placement is minimal work and is essentially found money. So, the recruiters your work with are highly motivated to help you make excellent hires quickly.
  • 7. Do employers have to contract with individual recruiters?

    No. There are no contracts with individual recruiters, and except for information passing through CrowdHR, there is no direct communication with the recruiter. All parties must agree to our common set of Terms and Conditions when they sign up to use CrowdHR.
  • 8. What information is needed to post a JobPost?

    Your name, company, and industry are required to register. To post a job we require the title, level, description, qualifications, compensation level, and location of the position.
  • 9. Will we get bombarded with resumes from tons of recruiters?

    No. We only show your job post to a select group of highly experienced recruiters in your industry vertical. At the same time we penalise recruiters who spam employers and remove them from our platform.
  • 10. How are recruiters rated?

    Recruiter ratings are quantitatively calculated based on how many job posts a recruiter responds to and how well their candidates do in the process (e.g., submissions from recruiters whose candidates are most often hired will show up first on your list).
  • 11. Why do we need yet another recruiting application or service?

    CrowdHR is a new category of product. It is easy and free to start using. There are no obligations unless you make a hire. There is nothing to integrate and the smooth, elegant interface allows you to rapidly evaluate and hire the right candidates for your open positions. There is nothing like it. Try it and you will see!
  • 12. Are JobPosts confidential?

    Yes. JobPosts are completely confidential and are only seen by recruiters that you select. You may add or remove recruiters at any time. You control the entire selection process, from the recruiters that you want to work with to the candidates that you wish to interview.
  • 13. How long does a JobPost last?

    The Job Post has two stages. There is a candidate submission period which lasts for 30 days, followed by a candidate review period which lasts an additional 30 days. After 60 days, the candidates will no longer be accessible.
  • 14. What happens to the profiles of the candidates?

    Candidates submitted to a JobPost by a recruiter are available to view and contact during the JobPost. After the review period has expired, the JobPost and contributed candidates are deleted. CrowdHR is not a database of candidates; it is a screening tool designed to help you rapidly identify strong candidates and make great hires.
  • 15. What happens if we already have the candidate in our system?

    CrowdHR only seeks payment for our recruiters when they've added new value to your search. If you've been in active contact with a candidate in the 60 days prior to their submission by one of our recruiters, you have the right to reject the candidate. So long as you can show us visual evidence of your prior contact, you will not be responsible for the recruiting fee should you hire that candidate.
  • 16. How many JobPosts can an employer send?

    A person or employer can send an unlimited number of job posts.
  • 17. Who is responsible for contracting and onboarding a candidate?
 Are there guarantees?

    The employer is responsible for contracting and onboarding. But we do stand behind the quality of our candidates, therefore offering a 60-day guarantee that the candidate will still be employed by your company. If the candidate fails to complete 60 days of employment for any reason, we will offer a refund of the recruitment and posting fee OR you can choose to recast the job for free until the position has been filled.
  • 18. How can I monitor my account?

    CrowdHR provides a dashboard that allows you to monitor your activity, as well as the performance of recruiters. Easy to understand performance metrics make it simple to adjust the lists of recruiters with whom you wish to work.
  • 19. Will recruiters contact me directly?

    There is no ability for a recruiter to find or contact an employer through CrowdHR. They can only respond to job posts sent by employers.


  • 1. Are we giving up our top candidates for employers to build a database?

    No. CrowdHR is not a database of candidates - contributed candidates are only available to the employer on CrowdHR for 60 days, or 90 days if the JobPost is renewed. After that, the candidate’s records are deleted. CrowdHR reinforces the value of the recruiter. An employer needs to send a new JobPost to its recruiters for each new position.
  • 2. Will CrowdHR disintermediate my traditional business?

    No. We have found that CrowdHR has the opposite effect by generating significant new revenue from new clients. The revenue is “found money” as CrowdHR dramatically increases the volume and velocity of potential placements.
  • 3. Why would we release our top candidates for less than our full fee?

    When placing candidates, recruiters often vet numerous quality candidates. However, usually only one is placed in any given job. The other candidates typically go back into a database, move on in their careers and provide no additional revenue. By leveraging your excess inventory of quality candidates, recruiters can now create a significant new revenue stream, typically with new clients.
  • 4. Can an employer contact my candidate without me knowing?

    By design, we do not release any direct contact information to employers until it is requested through the site. This protects the recruiter’s interests in ownership of the candidate, and provides an extra level of transparency in the recruiting process. So long as you've properly removed contact information from the candidate's résumé as we highly recommend, the employer will only be able to contact the candidate by releasing their contact information—notifying you in the process.
  • 5. What if I already work with the employer?

    You should continue to work directly with the employer for searches you have been retained for, and CrowdHR in no way interferes with that relationship. However, if the employer chooses to use CrowdHR for a specific job and you get a Job Post, then you must submit your suggested candidates into CrowdHR.
  • 6. Who sees the candidates we contribute?

    Only the employer you submit candidates to can see them. The process is totally confidential. And the candidates are removed from their view after 60 days.
  • 7. Are we responsible for contracting and onboarding the candidate?

    CrowdHR is responsible for contracting and onboarding efforts. However, we do stand behind our candidates as qualified, interested individuals, who have been personally vetted and recommended by our expert recruiters. Therefore, we offer a guarantee that the candidate will be gainfully employed for at least 60 days. Your fee will be transferred as soon as the candidate clears this 60-day grace period.
  • 8. How much does it cost and who gets paid what and when?

    There are no costs to the recruiter, only rewards! Plus, we've instituted a revolutionary fee structure that pays recruiters for submitting top candidates—regardless of whether they get the job. The bulk of the fee (5% of first year salary) is still paid to the recruiter who ultimately submitted the winning candidate. However, on any successful Job Post (one that ends in a hire through CrowdHR), we've set aside up to 1% of CTC just for having your candidate sorted into the "Yes” folder (decided equally among multiple recruiters). For the first time in history, recruiting is no longer an all or nothing game. Even the candidate receives 0.5%, which incentives them to take the job and to keep everyone in the loop, making collection significantly easier.

    All fees are contingent on the candidate remaining at the employer for a 60 day grace period. Once that period has ended, and provided that CrowdHR has already received payment, we promptly pay the recruiters and candidate the appropriate rate net any financial transaction fees.

  • 9. How are candidates presented to employers?

    Stack ranked. Candidates submitted by recruiters with higher ratings are presented first. Recruiters are rated based on recruiter engagement and how well prior candidates performed in the recruiting process (e.g., how many were hired). It is very important for recruiters to only submit candidates that they think are a strong fit for the open position.
  • 10. How are recruiter rankings calculated?

    Recruiter rankings are calculated by a number of weighted factors including: the number of Job Posts responded to; number of candidates sorted into Yes/No/Maybe categories; the number of candidates contacted; and the number of candidates hired.
  • 11. How do I improve my ranking?

    By being thoughtful about whom you submit to Job Posts. Make sure candidates are qualified, vetted and interested in the position. Responding to Job Posts to inform an employer that you do not have any candidates for the open position, by showing you are engaged, also improves your ranking.
  • 12. How does this impact our relationship with our coveted candidates?

    CrowdHR reinforces your personal relationship with your candidates. At every step of the process, the candidate is informed of your value; by placing more people in jobs you are also increasing your value to candidates.
  • 13. Who owns the candidate and for how long?

    The recruiter owns the candidate for six months for an individual JobPost. If the employer hires one of your submitted candidates for the job within that time frame you earn the fee. If a candidate is submitted for a different job within our system, that recruiter will own the candidate for that particular JobPost. Our system does prevent a candidate from being submitted twice for the same JobPost, but in the unlikely event that one slips by us, the ownership is awarded to the recruiter that first got the candidate to accept their candidacy.
  • 14. Who owns the candidate if he/she is submitted by more than one recruiter?

    The same candidate cannot be submitted twice to the same job. If there is ever a glitch in that process the fee goes to whomever submitted the candidate first for that job.
  • 15. What happens if the employer already has the candidate I submit in their system?

    CrowdHR only seeks payment for our recruiters when they've added new value to a search. Unfortunately, if an employer has already been in active contact with a candidate in the 60 days prior to your submission, we haven't provided any unique value to their search. In this situation, so long as the employer can show us visual evidence of their prior contact, they have the right to reject the candidate through our system, and they do not have to pay the fee if they hire them. Of course, we realize that some of the larger companies have millions of candidates in their Applicant Tracking System dating back to Abraham Lincoln, which is why we've placed a 60-day limitation. While a company may have interviewed a candidate ten years ago, it's your submission that makes them relevant for the current position.

  • 16. Do I own that candidate for future jobs?

    You only own a candidate for the Job Posts that you specifically submit him/her to. You can contribute a candidate to more than one JobPost if you think appropriate.
  • 17. Can we re-submit a candidate who we got hired through a JobPost?

    Not for six months. After that there are no restrictions.
  • 18. Can I see how I am performing?

    Yes. You have a detailed dashboard displaying how many of your candidates are hired, contacted and sorted into Yes/No/Maybe categories by the employers that you are working with.
  • 19. How are disputes resolved?

    CrowdHR makes no guarantees of placement or payment if we are not paid by the employer. That said, we will use best efforts to resolve any disputes fairly and collect any monies owed. Employers or recruiters who break the rules of the site, which are listed in the terms and conditions, risk being barred from future use.


  • 1. Who contributes me to a JobPost?

    CrowdHR sends you a notice if your recruiter submits you to a JobPost. You can accept or decline your submission to a particular job or block the recruiter entirely.
  • 2. Can I see and apply for jobs?

    No. CrowdHR is not a job board. Only recruiters who know you and are in possession of your resume can submit you to a job opening.
  • 3. How do I protect my privacy?

    The CrowdHR process is completely confidential. You have complete control of which jobs you are submitted to and which recruiters you work with. CrowdHR only takes information submitted by your recruiter and you. Furthermore, at the end of a Job Post your information is removed from view by anyone.
  • 4. What are the benefits to being submitted through CrowdHR?

    Our employers are looking for recruiter-vetted talent. They want to know that their candidates have been pre-screened, pre-interviewed, and pre-approved by an industry expert. Having this approval almost guarantees that they will pay close attention to your application and greatly increases your overall chances of being hired.

    Plus, we'll pay you to start your new job! If you confirm that you've taken a job where you were submitted through CrowdHR, and stay at that job for 60 days, we'll pay you 0.5% of your first year salary. That's Rs 5,000 for a Rs 10,00,000 job—a pretty nice bonus!