While creating large teams for startups and MNCs in India, we faced several challenges in sourcing and screening candidates.

  • It is very difficult to source, screen and onboard the right candidate for small as well as large teams. Almost 50% of the time of senior managers goes into hiring team members.
  • Recruiters, work with a lot of candidates which do not get placed all the time, there by leading to lost revenue opportunities for recruiters.
  • Need to determine if the candidate has adequate skills, will be a good culture fit and on budget.

We at CrowdHR work to make it easier of companies to get good quality, screened candidates from high quality recruiters. Compared to market standards, the selection rate of our candidates is 400-600% higher than other traditional recruitment methods. At the same time we enable recruiters to monetize their inventory of highly skilled candidates and make additional revenue.

At CrowdHR, employers get unprecedented access to 1000+ network of high quality recruiters and the, employers can broadcast their job posts to all the empanelled recruiters at the click of a button.Each recruiter is only allowed to submit 4 top candidates, thereby providing the employers the best candidates only. Additionally, as As recruiters submit candidates, employers can see the list of all the candidates stack ranked by the Recruiters Quality Score (RQS). RQS is our proprietary algorithm based on the historical performance of the recruiter. Recruiters, who submit high quality candidates, which are shortlisted by employers and eventually hired, earn more points.

Similarly recruiters can now make more money by getting an unprecedented access to 1000s of employers. This reduces their efforts on the business development aspect of their business, at the same time generating additional revenue for them. Many times, recruiters have data base of ‘Almost Selected’ candidates for select roles. They can use these candidates to be refered to other employers looking for similar jobs and earn more money

Happy Recruiting! May you build your dream team.