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Top talent is hard to find and even harder to hire. We’ve tapped the power of the crowd to create an expert network of recruiters that consistently delivers best-in-class candidates. Expand your reach to find and to hire top talent that is highly qualified and interested in joining your team.

Save Time

The time-to-fill open positions is a critical metric impacting your bottom line. Source and find great candidates for any open position in just a few days. CROWDHR dramatically shortens the hiring cycle, only introducing you to candidates who have been vetted by expert recruiters and are a great match.

Save Money

The total cost-to-hire quickly builds when you consider all the time and overhead exhausted on systems, job advertising, and rogue agency spend. With CROWDHR, you only pay a flat fee of 14% when you make a hire. Scale your team and extend their reach without additional overhead, and at the same time control rogue agency spending.

Full Service Platform

Recruiting can be cyclical, which makes it hard to optimize the size of your team. CROWDHR expands your team’s sourcing capacity with no fixed costs or long-term contracts. Use CROWDHR to fill urgent, specialized, and high turnover job openings, and let your team work more efficiently.


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